Installing and running

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Installing and running

The mail server is located on the disuns because mail does not work correctly on the didecs. Our mail server is called blastmailsrv and is under ~/blast1.4/mailserver.

To install the mailserver you have to install the network client programs. Then, just run make in that directory to make the executable and the .forward file.

It will be necessary to modify blastmailsrv.l when NCBI changes the mail message format or adds new options, in order to provide a compatible service with NCBI. The mail server runs on the machines disun1 through disun30 which run Solaris 5.3.

In order to submit a mail request, you have to send a message to for example. Examples of queries for mail requests are in the directory ~/queries/*.mq, 'mq' for mail query.

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