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Computing Systems Laboratory Products

The ORION educational system

Includes five educational units (computer architecture, operating system principles, information representation, introduction to computer programming, the operating system DOS). The package is mainly intended to high-school pupils, who attend the introductory informatics courses. It has already been distributed to over 1000 schools and individual users, as an end product of NTUA-ICCS.

Download ORION

The Empix Operating System

Download the EMPIX operating system for PC. Download the new version of Empix that runs on any PC and uses the 1.44 floppy disk drive only. This is version fixes a problem of older versions that made them incompatible with Pentium platforms. Future version will support hard disks. The file is self extractable.

Telemedicine system for ECGs

This system covers the acquisition, storage, display and teletransmission of electrocardiograms (ECG). Moreover, it includes a module allowing teleconferencing and telemonitoring, for remote sources of ECGs.

The parallel programming platform ORCHID

This platform offers significant advantages (like distributed shared memory, global semaphores, virtual topologies etc.), to facilitate the easy and secure development of programs for parallel machines, with emphasis in distributed memory architectures.


The DEFACTO project seeks to create a computational framework for the design of interactive story systems (ISS). ISS are a new, computer-based art form, providing experiences that are both meaningfully interactive and good stories. The result of DEFACTO will be the development of a design framework for creating a new, widely accessible generation of ISS, that strike a balance between interactivity and coherence.