Installing and running

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Installing and running

The blast programs are in the public domain, and can be obtained by ftp from Currently there are two versions installed at our site:

A priori, version 1.3 is not used any more and can be deleted.

To compile, you just have to follow the instructions in the INSTALL files in the directories ~/blast1.3/blast and ~/blast1.4/blastapp respectively.

The blast programs use the following environment variables, which when not defined, the values are taken from the equally named constants defined in blastapp.h.

Be sure to change these environment variables, if the installation does not correspond to the default values defined in blastapp.h.

To run a blast program, you have to specify at least the database to use and the query sequence to search for. For example:
% blastp swiss ~/queries/protpart1.seq
searches the query contained in the file ~/queries/protpart1.seq in the database swiss, which is located in the directory given by BLASTDB.

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