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Panayiotis D. Tsanakas
National Technical University of Athens
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Computer Systems Laboratory



Dipl. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Thessaloniki
MSc in Computer Engineering from Ohio University
PhD in Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens

Research Interests

Parallel/distributed computing systems
Automated synthesis of application-specific architectures
Educational multimedia platforms
Medical information systems

Research Publications

List of Courses

ECE 3720 Computer Architecture
ECE 3610 Operating Systems
ECE 3888 Computer Systems Laboratory
ECE 3990 Parallel Computing Systems

RTD Projects

Automated synthesis of parallel VLSI architectures for specialised applications (GSRT-PENED)
Portable parallel programming platform for multiple system architectures (GSRT-PENED)
DEFACTO: Design Framework for Interactive Story Systems, ESPRIT - LTR 23456
MODULATES: Multimedia Organisation for Developing the Understanding and Learning of Advanced
    Technology in European Schools, EU Educational Multimedia Taskforce MM-1018
Upgrading and expansion of the Greek telemedicine system (STRIDE-HELLAS)
SENARIO: Sensor-aided intelligent wheel chair navigation, (CEC-TIDE Project)
NIKA: A generalised system for medical image management (GSRT-EKBAN-504).
DIALOGOS: Development of the Greek language and speech industry (GSRT-EKBAN)
CORAES: Digitisation and dissemination of the cultural material of the National Library of Greece (GSRT-EKBAN)
HILDE: Hypermedia Intelligent Learning Environment, GSRT-EKBAN
┴╠BULANCE: Mobile unit for health care provision via telematics support, Telematics-HC-2547.
ASPIS: Reengineering and Automation of Bussiness Processes in Drug Management (GSRT-EKBAN-98)
VELOS: Advanced CAD Applications on High Performance Computing Architectures (GSRT-EKBAN)

Books (in Greek)
   Operating Systems Principles I, Symmetria Publications, 240p, 1986.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou and N. Bilalis)
   Computer Architecture, Symmetria Publications, 320p, 1989.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou and G. Frangakis)
   The Operating System EMPIX, Symmetria Publications, 376p, 1990.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou and C. Dellarokas)
   Parallel Computing Systems, Symmetria Publications, 245p, 1994.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou and T. Theoharis)
   Mapping of algorithms onto parallel computing architectures, Papasotiriou, 240p, 1998.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou and N. Koziris)
   Introduction to Operating Systems, OEDB, 198p, 1998.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou, A. Manousopoulou, A. Galdadas and P. Matzakos)
   Computer System Technology and Operating Systems, OEDB, 250p, 1999.
       (with G. Papakonstantinou, A. Manousopoulou, N. Koziris and P. Matzakos)

Panayiotis Tsanakas
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
Zographou, GR-15773
Hellas (Greece)
   panag at cs.ntua.gr
Voice : +30-210-772 2541
Cellular: (+30-693) 2621668
Fax : +30-210-772 2542

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