Primary Studies

1976-1982    :  Visit the 1st Primary School in N.Liosia (former name of ILION)

1982-1988    : Visit the 2nd High School in N.Liosia

     1988       : Graduate the High school (Grad 18 and 9/10 )


High Education

1988 :   Entered in National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A). Department of Electrical and Computer Engineer.
1988-1994 :  Studies in N.T.U.A (Course cycle of Electronic and Telecommunication       
 Diploma of Elecrical and Computer Engineering form N.T.U.A 
Diploma thesis: Real-Time Transmission of ECG signal over common low speed ( ~2400bps)  
                           public lines"
1995 -     
Graduate Student in N.T.U.A (Digital System and Communication  Laboratory) with subject of the PhD dissertation the  applications of the parallel systems in ECG signal processing (parallel ECG  monitoring, Parallel Syntactic Pattern Recognition, VLSI architectures for parallel  implememntation of QRS and other complexes detection algorithms etc.)

Foreign Languages
Suggested Diploma thesis (In Greek)